We all love to dress up for the holidays and that comes with the want to purchase a new dress every year for that special occasion. One that will cost you money, one that you will probably only wear once, one that will hang in your cupboard long after it’s been worn, or one that will most likely end up in landfills. Canadians send more than 12 million tonnes of clothing and textiles into the waste stream every year!

Make a list of the items you need before you shop, this helps to prevent buying something you already have. This is really so important, not only does it help you stick to a healthy meal plan all week, it helps you stock up on staples, which are normally much cheaper. They stumble around your clothes, separating them and letting warm air flow more easily. For them to work properly, they need space; they need room. This means that wool dryer balls work more efficiently with medium to small-sized loads. Separating that giant load into two smaller loads will mean a shorter drying time, guaranteed. Some people complain about dryer balls not removing completely the static electricity from garments.

Consider buying pre-owned materials

While you can’t use the tank water for drinking, but you can for laundry, watering the plants, washing your car, and more. They also reduce the risk of flooding and soil erosion since it’s collecting all of the rainwater around your home. You can do it by listing it for sale online or dragging it to a recycling facility. But, if you don’t have enough time or the right resources you can always hire an eco-friendly junk removal company like LoadUp to take your furniture for you. If you prefer your bedroom to be cooler put its window facing trees that will block the sunlight or have it face it north or south to avoid the rising and setting of the sun going east to west.

How to make your home more environmentally friendly

One area we never think about is the letterbox or mail slot. I realized this standing at my side door picking up my mail. You can also use a magnetic seal that will create a constant seal. When shopping for curtains look for ones How to make your home more environmentally friendly that have a heavy liner. If your existing ones don’t you can always purchase a second cheap pair that can be used as a liner. Close the curtains when the sun goes down, this will help the house retain the heat from the day.

Recycle as much paper as you can

Living a natural lifestyle brings so many benefits to body, mind, and spirit — and there are so many things we can do to make the shift. Many are simple, small changes that can be done anywhere, such as switching to natural body care and cleaning products, or using reusable bags and water bottles. But once you’ve made small changes, you’ll likely want to expand your green lifestyle to include your home. Get green by installing a programmable thermostat to monitor your cooling and heating systems. A thermostat can reduce the cost of your utility bill and make your home more eco-friendly at the same time.

Money-saving ways to make your home more sustainable in 2023 – Metro.co.uk

Money-saving ways to make your home more sustainable in 2023.

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