Reading further about the included components should be useful, considering how numerous they are and how different they are in function. The design template is uniform, which means you won’t lose your project’s consistency. By using Bootstrap, even back-end developers can come up with responsive front-ends, without investing time in understanding HTML and CSS. Bootstrap can be applied to a static site, a PHP site, a CMS – anything.

But you still have to write the HTML and plug in the preset layouts, colors, and components you need to make up your website. What sets Bootstrap apart from other development toolkits is that it was developed mobile-first. Meaning, the code was optimized for mobile devices (i.e. the smallest screen size) first and then scaled up to display on larger screens. As a result, building with Bootstrap CSS ensures that your site supports proper rendering and touch zooming for all devices. Since Bootstrap makes it easier and faster to create responsive websites, it appeals to many front-end developers and beginners in particular. Below we’ll look at why Bootstrap is so popular and when it’s ideal to use — and when it’s not ideal.

What is Bootstrap? An In-depth Guide of the Framework

You can set the width of one column and have the sibling columns automatically resize around it. You can size columns based on the natural width of their content — and much more. what is bootstrap You can also add a form, like a search box, in your navigation bar with the form-inline subcomponent. You can see this bit of code at the bottom of the template above.

  • Another downside is that Bootstrap styles are relatively bulky.
  • You can also take several steps to reduce that weight and mitigate its impact on load time.
  • The base class .btn is used for all the common styles you want for your buttons, like display, padding, border-width.
  • We can use the „col“ class twelve times to create twelve columns in one row.
  • The mobile-first approach assumes smartphones, tablets and task-specific mobile apps are employees‘ primary tools for getting work done.
  • As a heads up, we include this in all of Bootstrap’s documentation and examples as a demonstration.

Bootstrap is a powerful front-end framework for building and customizing a mobile-friendly site. With Bootstrap, you don’t have to start from scratch or give up control over the appearance of your site. Get started exploring this framework now to see just how much it’s capable of. Once you’re done, save this file in the same folder as your Bootstrap CSS and JS files and index.html file. Then, you just need to add one line of code to the header of your index.html file. If you choose to download the Bootstrap source code, then you’ll unzip the folder and see the following structure.


At a minimum, a basic understanding of HTML5 and CSS is needed — JavaScript is more likely to be required if you want to perform serious customization of a site. Ivan Zdravkovic is a front-end developer with extensive hands-on experience with booking plugins. He always tries to deliver innovative solutions and provide users with a more personalized experience with Amelia. Ivan spends his spare time creating hand-made furniture, crafting wood, and making traditional drinks. We also wrote about a few related subjects like dynamic website, web designer vs web developer, the best WordPress plugins for developers, and JavaScript IDE.

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